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The first and only Uriah Heep Podcast and it is endorsed by the band!  Every episode, I dove into every studio song or bonus track and there are plenty of them!  Thank you to everyone who has listened, shared and enjoyed episodes of this show!


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Now available for in the official Uriah Heep store, the final picture disc in the collection –  Look At Yourself, expanding beyond the Every Day Rocks set.  Grab it here!








Elke’s Uriah Heep Song Picture!  Click on the thumbnail below.


Want to get a personalized greeting from the band or send one to someone else?  Check them out on Cameo!

Mick Box

Bernie Shaw

Davey Rimmer

Phil Lanzon


For individual band member interviews, click here


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Uriah Heep Official Tour Store

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BMG Uriah Heep Music Store


Now available from BMG Records!!!!  Every Day Rocks!  A special new boxed set.  The first 7 albums on picture disc, 7 t-shirts, a wall calendar and more!

Unboxing video – watch it here!

Also available from BMG Records is the Choices Boxed Set!   For those that got the 50th Anniversary boxed set, this is a great supplement and for those who weren’t able to get a copy, this is your chance to have the music chosen by Mick Box, Ken Hensley, Paul Newton, Lee Kerslake and (Exclusive to this boxed set) Phil Lanzon and Bernie Shaw.

The Official Uriah Heep YouTube Channel here



Mick Box:



Bernie Shaw:


Too Much Information w/ Dale Collins

iTunes * Amazon


Phil Lanzon:

Books :

The Evil With A Thousand Faces trilogy – Pegasus

Book 1 – Curse of the Mudchalk Devil – PegasusUSUK

Book 2 – Snowdrop Diamonds – PegasusUSUK

Book 3 – Cask of the Alchemists – Pegasus – Amazon: US – UK (Coming March 31st, 2022)



If You Think I’m Crazy – iTunesAmazon

48 Seconds – iTunesAmazon


Russell Gilbrook:

Shuffle video



Davey Rimmer:




Horns For A Halo w/ Elegant Weapons (Release: May 26th)

iTunes * Amazon


Paul Newton:

Book – Bone Structure

Purchase Links:


Amazon UK


Bob Daisley:

Book – For Fact’s Sake

Amazon UK – Amazon US – Amazon Canada


Lee Kerslake:

Documentary – Not On The Heep: The Heavy Metal Sage of Lee Kerslake


Album: Eleventeen:

AmazoniTunesCherry Red Records


Ken Hensley:

Album: My Book of Answers

AmazoniTunesCherry Red Records

Album: Ken Hensley: Past And Present (Songs In Time) 1970-2021, 6CD Box Set – Cherry Red Records


Season 1 – …Very ‘Eavy …Very ‘Umble

Season 2 – Salisbury

Season 3 – Look At Yourself

Season 4 – Demons and Wizards

Season 5 – The Magician’s Birthday

Season 6 – Sweet Freedom

Season 7 – Wonderworld

Season 8 – Return To Fantasy

Season 9 – High And Mighty

Season 10 – Firefly

Season 11 – Innocent Victim

Season 12 – Fallen Angel

Season 13 – Conquest

Season 14 – Abominog

Season 15 – Head First

Season 16 – Equator

Season 17 – Raging Silence

Season 18 – Different World

Season 19 – Sea Of Light

Season 20 – Sonic Orgami

Season 21 – Wake The Sleeper

Season 22 – Into The Wild

Season 23 – Outsider

Season 24 – Living The Dream

Season 25 – Additional Bonus Tracks

Season 26 – Interviews

Season 27 – Live ’73

Season 28 – Spice – The Lansdowne Tapes

Season 29 – Guest Reviews Revisited

Season 30 – Chaos & Colour

Season 31 – Totally Driven

Season 32 – Celebration


Email me if I missed any songs the band recorded!


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