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Diving into the entire Aerosmith catalog, one song at a time, to come up with the ultimate mix tape, all at the direction of a dice…  Full episode list below!




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Full Episode List

Episode 96: The Hop
Episode 93: Lay It Down
Episode 91: Fallen Angel
Episode 90: Fever
Episode 89: Make It
Episode 88: We All Fall Down
Episode 87: Back In The Saddle
Episode 86: Think About It
Episode 84: Something
Episode 81: Outta Your Head
Episode 79: Roadrunner
Episode 78: Simoriah w/ guest Kevin Brown
Episode 77: Jig Is Up
Episode 76: Heart’s Done Time w/ Guest John Mottola
Episode 75: Home Tonight from Rocks
Episode 74: The Farm from Nine Lives
Episode 72: Nine Lives
Episode 69: I’m Down
Episode 66: Get The Lead Out
Episode 64: Jaded
Episode 63: Light Inside
Episode 62: You See Me Crying
Episode 60: My Fist Your Face
Episode 59: LUV XXX
Episode 57: Legendary Child
Episode 55: Deuces Are Wild
Episode 49: Combination w/ Guest Kevin Brown
Episode 48: Bright Light Fright w/ Guest John Mottola
Episode 46: Pink
Episode 45: Shela
Episode 41: Hangman Jury – Scott’s first official episode
Episode 40: What It Takes Live (ALSOS)  w/ guest Scott Haskin
Episode 39: Walkin’ The Dog
Episode 37: Spaced
Episode 36: Bitch’s Brew
Episode 35: Mother Popcorn w/ guest Heath McCoy
Episode 34: I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing w/ guest Jeff Saunders
Episode 33: Rag Doll w/ guest Jeff Saunders
Episode 32: Crazy w/ guest Jeff Saunders
Episode 31: Mama Kin
Episode 30: Eat The Rich
Episode 29: Sick As A Dog
Episode 28: I Wanna Know Why
Episode 25: Major Barbra
Episode 24: Movin’ Out
Episode 23: The Reason A Dog
Episode 22: Nobody’s Fault
Episode 20: Helter Skelter
Episode 19: You Gotta Move
Episode 18: The Movie w/ guest Scott Haskin
Episode 17: Cheesecake
Episode 16: Shame On You
Episode 15: Just Push Play
Episode 13: Seasons Of Wither
Episode 12: Walk On Water
Episode 11: Janie’s Got A Gun w/ guest Mark Camire