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Season 1 – …Very ‘Eavy …Very ‘Umble

The first and only Uriah Heep Podcast. Every week, I will dive into another album released song or bonus track and there are plenty of them!  New episodes will be released every Tuesday.


I recently interviewed guitarist Mick Box on the HaskinCast Podcast in Episode 121.  After the interview was over, I approached him with the idea of doing a deep dive podcast beginning with the very first album and continuing through Living the Dream, their most recent.   He was immediately on board!  The band is going back in the studio in February and who knows how many more albums they will record?  I’ll keep adding them to the list and get to those songs eventually.  For now, we’ll start back in October of 1970, when the band changed their name from Spice and recorded their very first album as Uriah Heep.


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