Season 31 Episode 25 – Universal Wheels

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A dive into the song Universal Wheels from the album Totally Driven by Uriah Heep

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Episode: 31-25
Song: Universal Wheels
Air date: 5-15-2023

Lead Vocals: Bernie Shaw
Guitar: Mick Box
Bass: Trevor Bolder
Drums: Lee Kerslake
Keys: Phil Lanzon

All the fields are
Smoke and flame, fire in the sky
It’s a state of emergency
Much more than meets the eye

Just hide away your tears
There are many more hidden fears
As the universal wheels
Go round n’ round n’ round

Rivers of pollution
Taking life from living things
Running out of oxygen
There is no way to win

We ignore the signs of nature
Got to learn to live beside her
As the universal wheels
Go round n’ round n’ round

Better take good care of
All the things you say and do
Round n’ round n’ round
Look out for the warning sign
Now it’s up to you

There’s a mighty eight point six
Waiting in the ground
When she opens up
This world will humble to the sound
There is only one real power
Creating life by the hour
See the universal wheels
See the universal wheels
See the universal wheels
Go round n’ round n’ round n’ round

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