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This is a list of all the interviews and their links.


Abby Stroot – Seamstress, Costume and Clothing Designer

Aggie Kobrin – E360TV, Producer, ad Astra Magazine, A Day In Space

Alexandria Stevens – Actress, Voice Artist, Acting Teacher, Life Coach

Alison Arngrim – Actor, Author, Comedian, Activist, Nellie Oleson, Little House on the Prairie and Tour Guide – Part 1

Alison Arngrim – Actor, Author, Comedian, Activist, Nellie Oleson, Little House on the Prairie and Tour Guide – Part 2

Alison Arngrim – Actress, Comedian, Author, Little House on the Prairie * YouTube

Amanda Tucker – Modified Minds, Costume, Cosplay, Seamstress, Sewing, Comicon

Amy Parker – Real Estate Broker, A&A Manor, Make-up Artist, Investor, Model

Anastasia Weiss – Dancer

Angela Chan – Cirque Du Soleil, Le Reve, Pianist

Angela Kaatz – Ghost Hunting Beauties * YouTube

Angry Anderson – The Angry Anderson Band, Rose Tattoo, Realise Legalise

Video version on YouTube!

Ann Cabano  – Filmmaker

April Walterscheid Part 1 – Vegan Comedian, Singe, Celebrity Impressionist, Guitarist

April Walterscheid Part 2 – Vegan Comedian, Singe, Celebrity Impressionist, Guitarist

Arthur Brown & Claire Waller Interview – The God of Hell Fire * YouTube

The Arts Scene Podcast with Lynette and Ari Levin

Bernie Shaw – Singer, Uriah Heep * YouTube

Brent Heflin McHenry – Guitarist, Orchestrator, Hockey Player

Brian Skiba – Director, My Adventures with Santa

Bruce Bray – Film Composer

Byron Lee Scott – Harmony Dreamers New Release: Without You, Author

Carla Kirlin Part  1 – Painter, Photographer, Musician, Bass Player, Drawings

Carla Kirlin Part 2 – Painter, Photographer, Musician, Bass Player, Drawings

Chandra Bond – Actress

Charlie Aligaen – Actor, SEO, Website Creator. Marketing

Chase McKenna – Harvest of Hope, Christmas Village and Toy Drive, Hypnotherapist

Chelsea Claire – Singer, Drummer, Model

Christopher Valin – Author, Bass Player

Conrado Pesinato – Guitarist, The Graham Bonnet Band * YouTube

Dave Rimmer – Bass Player, Uriah Heep

David Rosen – Halloween Horror Movie Picks

David Rosen – Composer, Podcaster

David Stone – Keyboards, Rainbow, Max Webster, AraPacis

Dean Ray – Songwriter, Musician, Performer

Dean Ray – Songwriter, Musician, Performer – Mr Man * YouTube

Dean Ray – Songwriter, Musician, Performer, New Single – Freedom * YouTube

Dee Wallace – Conscious Creation, Ted Talks, E. T., The Howling, Cujo, Author, Healer, 3 From Hell

Dee Wallace – Author, Born Giving Birth To A new You, BuppaLaPaloo & the I Love Me’s * YouTube

The Deep Purple Podcast with Nathan Beaudry and John Mottola

Dev Ross – Writer, Disney, The Land Before Time, Aladdin Series, Theater Actress, Improv

Diane Dresback – Author of Room For Another, Filmmaker

Diane Dresback – From Us, For You

DOCUscores – Music Library for Licensing with Dirk Ehlert and Ram Khat

Dr. Fred – Author, Creative Eight, Welcome To Humanity Podcast

Dusty Marshall – Dancer, Teacher

Eduardo Tarilante – Award Winning Sound Library Developer, Composer

Ellie McNeil – Audionamix – IDC- Instant Dialog Cleaner, XTRAX Stems 2

Elley Ringo a.k.a. Elly Cat – Model, Actress, Geologist

Gabrielle Stone – Author of Eat, Pray, #FML and Actress, Director

Gabrielle Stone – Author – The Ridiculous Misadventures of a Single Girl * YouTube

“Gina” – Recovering Addict

Graham Bonnet & Beth-Ami Heavenstone

Greg German – Touring Drummer, Film Composer

Greg Germann – Drummer, Composer, Tales of Time – Part 1

Greg Germann – Drummer, Composer, Tales of Time – Part 2

Greg Germann – Drummer, Composer, Tales of Time – Part 3

Greg Germann – Drummer, Composer, Tales of Time – Part 4

Greg Nunan – Musician, Be Like Water, Greg Nunan and the General Jacksons

YouTube Version

Hank Garrett – Author, From Harlem Hoodlum to Hollywood Heavyweight, Actor

Hammond Chamberland – Beyond the Playlist Podcast, Podcast Idol, Harmonica and Chapman Stick

History of Horror Movies Pt 1 w/ John Mottola * YouTube

History Of Horror Movies Pt 2 w/ John Mottola * YouTube

Ilene Graff – Singer, Broadway, Grease, Actress, Mr. Belvedere, Vocal Teacher

Ivor S.K. – Musician -New album Mississippi Bound * YouTube

Ivor S.K. – Musician – Sweet ‘n’ Low * YouTube

Jack Denton – Musician, Our Propaganda * YouTube

Jade Holland – Musician – Summertime, Sunshine and You * YouTube

Jaime Wasden Ryum – Mountain View Hospice, LLC

James Sizemore – Composer, Orchestrator, Composer’s Assistant

James Whiting – Composer, Conductor, Percussionist

Jeff Mariotte – Author of Novels, Comics and Tie-ins (Buffy, Angel, CSI Miami)

Jenna Jean – Halloween Episode

Jenna Jean – Podcast Aftermath

Jennifer Scott – Filmmaker, Actress – Eyes Upon Waking * YouTube

Jerry Fielden – AraPacis, Guitar, Mandolin, Songwriter

Jessica Michalski Eenhaus – Model, Actress

Jim Meskimen – Voice Artist, Impressionist, Actor Part I * YouTube

Jim Meskimen – Voice Artist, Impressionist, Actor, Comedian Part II * YouTube

Jim Meskimen – Voice Artist, Impressionist, Actor, Comedian Part III * YouTube

John Barbour – John Barbour and William Shakespeare’s Last Word on the Murder of JFK (Interview Pt 1) * YouTube

John Reynolds – Director

Jeffrey Sitcov and Joanne Newgard  – Doors Of Change * YouTube

Jeffrey Sitcov – Doors Of Change * YouTube

Jojo Draven – Guitarist and Film Composer (Blue Man Group) Patient Seven)

Joshua Note – The Note Show, Author, Bipolar Disorder Advocate

Judy Tenuta – Singer, Songwriter, Comedian, Actress * YouTube 

Juli Morgan – Guitarist, Performer, Music Teacher, Berkley School of Music

Juli Gort Finn And Jon Finn – Musicians, Tribute – Bonnie Raitt, Music Instruction, Guitar, Ukulele * YouTube

Kandyce Hughes – Actress, Dancer, Director, Writer, Theater

Karen Garrity – Cellist – Home Studio Course, Music Contractor * YouTube

Kathy Fryman Julian – Life Coach, Reiki, Dream Analysis

Katie Marie Jones – – Actress, Singer, Vegas Golden Knights Host

Katie McCoach – Book Coach, Writing with Coach McCoach Podcast


Katrina Currow – Actress, Vegas Showgirl

Ken Hensley – Composer, Performer, Uriah Heep, Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards

Kevin Tye – Composer, Actor, Audio Engineer – Part 1

Kevin Tye – Composer, Actor, Audio Engineer – Part 2

Kimber Leigh – Author, Actress, Greta Gar Bitch

LadyLoneWanderer – Twitch Streamer, Video Gamer, Cosplay

Larry Strauss – Author “Light Man” – Teacher

Laura DeBenedetto – Author, The 6 Habits, Ted Talk, Life Mastery Coach

Laura Pursell – Lost In Time – A Tribute to Bill Pursell * YouTube

Laura Pursell – After The Concert Catch-Up

Laurie Love – Actress, Producer, Writer

Laurie Starr Huffman – a.k.a. Lilith Stabs – NOIR, Photobook, Lingerie

Lee Kerslake – Not On The Heep – Tayla Goodman and Steve Weltman  YouTube

Les Butts – Drummer, Music Instrument and Accessory Sales

Lily Lamb – Author, Mental Health Specialist

Lindsey Loucks – Author

Lindsay Marilyn Orsini – Composer, Sound Designer, Video Games

Loretta Swit – Actress, M*A*S*H, Author, Painter, Animal Activist

MADDNYXX – Musician * YouTube

Madz – Madz Music * YouTube

Machelle Glassburn – Hypnotherapist, CBD Oil

Marcus Weiss Part 1 – Cirque Du Soleil, Blue Man Group, Le Reve

Marcus Weiss Part 2 – Cirque Du Soleil, Blue Man Group, Le Reve

Mark and Crystal Hansen – Authors, Human Transformation

Mark Smythe – Composer – The Reef: Stalked Soundtrack * YouTube

Martha Bolton – Author – Bob Hope’s Wartime Correspondent During WWII

Maya – Writer/Director Paul Hemmes and Cast Members Victoria Paege, Jessica Eeinhuis, Natalie Andrews and Vic Rogers * YouTube

Melissa Ann Marie Farley – Actor, Director, Writer, Mentor, Entrepreneur

Michael McPherson – Terranomaly, One of a Kind, Element 115, Sedona UFO Tour

Michael – The Sedona UFO Tour Guide

Michael Shevack – Author, Soul Lesson from the Wizard of Oz

Michael Shevack Returns – Author, The Six Fix

Mick Box – Uriah Heep, Guitar Player

Mythos – Interview with Bob D’Eith and Paul Schmidt * YouTube

Natasha Larry – Author Editor

Noam Levinberg – Audio Engineer, Safari Pedals * YouTube

“Noopy” – Celebrating The Life Of Rose Marie – CD Release * YouTube

Officer Petri Hawkins Byrd and Makita Bond Byrd – Judge Judy, Bonding With Byrd * Video version on YouTube!

Pamela Lynn – Gamer, Hair Stylist, Model

Paul Newton – Bass Player, Uriah Heep, Shinn, Newton-Rainbow Project

Patty Morris – Dancer, Tik-Tok, Let’s Dance USA

Peter Goalby – Interview and Album Review – Uriah Heep, Trapeze, Easy With The Heartaches

Phil Lanzon – Composer, Painter, Author, Uriah Heep Keyboardist * YouTube

Rachel Elisha – Celebrity Photographer, Alice Cooper

Rachel Julian – Percussionist, Teacher

Radames Pera – Actor, Kung Fu, Night Gallery, Author

Randy Roarbach – Composer, Audio Engineer

Randy Rohrbach – Guitarist, Audio Engineer, Song Writer

Reggie Vinson – Songwriter, Performer, Alice Cooper, John Lennon, Chuck Berry

Rick Allen – Sound Designer, Industrial Metal

Robin Cote Part 1 — Author, Radio Personality, Actress, Survivor

Robin Cote Part 2 – Author, Radio Personality, Actress, Survivor

Robin Cote Part 1 – Author, Soul Stirrings

Robin Cote Part 2 – Author, Soul Stirrings

Roslyn Kind – Musician – The Look of Love / The Island * YouTube

Russell Gilbrook – Drummer for Uriah Heep, Teacher, Writer, Performer

Ruta Lee – Actress, Author, The Thalians * YouTube

Sandy Kim – Actress

Sara Clancy – Actress and Set Nurse

Sara Clancy – Podcast Aftermath

Sara Clancy – Nurse, Corona Virus, Covid-19

Sara Rudin – Baton Twirling Podcast, Honeybee Twirlers

Scott Adams – Text Adventures, Video Games, Adventure International Part I

Scott Adams – Text Adventures, Video Games, Adventure International Part 2

Scott Ladzinski – Graphic Design, Artist, Comics

Serenity Starr Foreman – Actress, Singer, Builder, Voice Artist

Sesh Evans -Drirector, Cos-player, Covid Prevention

Shondra Jepperson Part 1 – Musician, Song Writer, Actress

Shondra Jepperson Part 2 – Musician, Song Writer, Actress

Stephanie Gail Williams – Actress

Stephen P. Jarchow – Author – The New Roaring 20’s – Prosper In Volatile Times * YouTube

Sterling Mire – Author, The AOM System – Manifestation Mastery In 30 Days, Post Covid Life

Steve Pieters – The Eyes of Tammy Faye, The Smithsonian Institute, AIDS Survivor

Steve Taibbi – Author, Grateful Guilt: Living in the Shadow of My Heart

YouTube Version

Steve Weltman – Manager, Ken Hensley, Lee Kerslake

Summer Helene – Hollywood Producer

Summer Helene – Summer Helene – Hollywood Producer, Distribution

Tamara Mcdaniel – Film and Commercial Producer, Actress, Voice Artist

Tatiana Davidov – Publicity, PR, Website Designer, Writer

Taydem Shoesmith – Musician, Actor, New Single – Are You Clapping? * YouTube

Taydem Shoesmith – Musician, Actor, New Single – This That * YouTube

Ted Neeley – Jesus Christ Superstar

The Guilty Goat – Andrea * YouTube

Tom Jepperson – Singer, Actor, Writer

Tommy Schaeffer Part 1 – Sound Mixer

Tommy Schaeffer Part 2 – Lost At Sea

Tony Carey – Composer, Singer, Keyboards, Guitar * YouTube

Traci Wooden-Carlisle – Christian Fiction Author and Jewelry Maker

Travis LeRoy – That Eighties Band, Salem Spade, The Dark, Bass Guitar

Tyler Williams Pt 1 – Bass Player, Composer, Podcast Host, Le Reve

Tyler Williams Pt 2 – Album Review – Hear Me Now

Vanessa Leigh – Writer, Director, Actor, Sam & Emma * YouTube

Victoria Paege – Actress, Model, Cosplay, ComiCon

Victoria Paege II – Acrtess, CosPlay, Model

Victoria Sandoval – Make-up Artist, Model, Spokesperson, Maxim Cover Contest

Weird Detention – Dev Ross and Shondra Jepperson * YouTube

Yves Sturdevant Part 1 – Dancer

Yves Sturdevant Part 2 – Ghost Hunter