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Origins (NLA)

The Dream (NLA)

Journeys (NLA)

Built Just For You (NLA)

Trail to Eternity (NLA)

Internal Struggle (NLA)

 Romance for Piano (Remastered)

Just Like Paradise (NLA)

Eye of the Storm (NLA)

Unforgivable God (NLA)

The Forgotten Puppet Show (Original album, different songs NLA)

Addicted (NLA)

On the Air: (NLA)

  En-Tranced (Re-mastered)

Kamu Vole’ (Remstered)

Twist of Fate (NLA)

Kindred Spirits

Mental Sauna

Mental Sauna II

Sanity’s Edge

Mental Sauna III: Christmas Inflections

Mental Sauna IV: Worlds

Haunted Holidays: Deadly Christmas

Mental Sauna V: Maternity

 Haunted Holidays: Deadly Christmas II

Haunted Holidays: Deadly Christmas III


En-Tranced II

The Forgotten Puppet Show




Songs From The Circuit Board




The Shattered Room