What Happened In Vegas Series

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What Happened in Vegas… series – This set of coffee table books each has a collection of random phrases and photos I caught while walking down the Strip here in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Any time you need a smile, open the book and pick a quote.  This will give you some insight into what I hear on my walks down this world famous street.








What Happened In Vegas… Three of a Kind

The final book in the series brings you over 450 more random phrases and another 100 pictures that really show every night is an adventure here in Las Vegas.

Amazon – Kindle Only


What Happened In Vegas… Part Deuce

450 more things I heard on my walks here on the Las Vegas Strip.  This time, though, there are 100 photos to accompany the funny and random verbal exploits of our visitors.

Amazon – Print and Kindle


What Happened In Vegas…

This book contains 450 random things I heard people say while walking the famous Las Vegas Strip.   To enhance the experience, I have included more than 75 pictures just as random as the phrases themselves.   Available in print and Kindle formats, this book series is designed to be something you can pick up and open to any page and find something to make you smile.

If you would like an autographed copy, please contact me at scott@scotthaskin.com

Amazon – Print and Kindle