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Songs From The Circuit Board


Released June 15th, 2022

My 30th studio album! This is a very experimental concept. There are 24 songs that are a mock walkthrough of a non-existent video game. Songs 1-8 are mono versions mixed using only 8 bit plugins. Songs 9-16 are stereo versions using modern plugins. Lastly, songs 17-24 are completely different versions – what I would have composed for the same scenarios but with modern songs.
Podcast where I go over this album:


Artwork by: Kelly

Lettering by Rebecca Poole at


Available for half price at BandCamp


  1. Welcome Screen (8 Bit)
  2. Put A Quarter In (8 Bit)
  3. Confrontation on Quendor Moon (8 Bit)
  4. Exploring The Tempest Sea (8 Bit)
  5. Ambush In Killian Forest (8 Bit)
  6. The Final Boss (8 Bit)
  7. End In Disaster (8 Bit)
  8. End In Victory (8 Bit)
  9. Welcome Screen (Stereo Mix)
  10. Put A Quarter In (Stereo Mix)
  11. Confrontation on Quendor Moon (Stereo Mix)
  12. Exploring The Tempest Sea (Stereo Mix)
  13. Ambush In Killian Forest (Stereo Mix)
  14. The Final Boss (Stereo Mix)
  15. End In Disaster (Stereo Mix)
  16. End In Victory (Stereo Mix)
  17. Welcome Screen (Modern)
  18. Put A Quarter In (Modern)
  19. Confrontation on Quendor Moon (Modern)
  20. Exploring The Tempest Sea (Modern)
  21. Ambush In Killian Forest (Modern)
  22. The Final Boss (Modern)
  23. End In Disaster (Modern)
  24. End In Victory (Modern)