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Sanity’s Edge

Released 10-21-2013

The story of Shelly, a sweet, young girl bullied all through school.  Her life takes a drastic turn when she makes the decision to tell her secret crush of her feelings.

Narrated by Tamara McDaniel

Johnny, played by Jake Brown

Shelly, played by Victoria Paege.

Artwork by: Kelly

The cover model is Sonja Champlain.


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  1. Sanity’s Edge Main Theme
  2. Shelly Grows Up Alone
  3. Just A Crush
  4. I’ll See You Again
  5. Stalking Johnny
  6. Running For His Life
  7. The Torture Room
  8. Payback Begins
  9. This Is How You made Me Feel
  10. Far Over The Edge
  11. In Mourning
  12. If Only You Loved Me
  13. More Plotting
  14. Haunted Sleep
  15. Shelly Goes On Alone
  16. Sanity’s Edge End Title