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Mental Sauna V: Maternity

Released 6-27-2018

Designed specifically for parent and child from conception through infancy and beyond.  Gentle, glowing textured to help relax baby and parent alike or just for a peaceful ambience in your home.  Recorded in A432.

Artwork by: Kelly

Cover model: Melissa Robin.

Lettering by Rebecca Poole at


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  1. What Do Babies Dream About?
  2. It’s All new
  3. Toy Piano
  4. Everything’s A Pillow
  5. The Long Slumber
  6. Warm Glow In My Room
  7. Play Mobile
  8. Filled With Love
  9. The Gentle Rattle
  10. Fuzzy Blanket
  11. Mother’s Heartbeat
  12. Music Box