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Kamu Vole’ (Remstered)

Re-released 6-12-2024, originally released in 2007

This album was inspired by my love for Cirque Du Soleil music.  I was first introduced to the when I was on vacation in Las Vegas (living in Phoenix at the time) and had a room at Treasure Island.  I decided, on a whim, to go see Mystere.  I went to the second show that night and, luckily, they had one ticket left, which happened to be right near the sound engineer in the perfect spot.  I was dazzled, to say the least.  I was the last one to leave the theater that night and had I gone to the first show instead, I would have marched right back to the ticket counter and purchased a ticket for the second show.  From there, I purchased all the soundtracks available at the time.

This album, in true Cirque Du Soleil fashion, is in a made up language.

Artwork by: Kelly www.outsidetheboxphoto.org/

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  1. Lar Dram
  2. Siloby
  3. Phole Shiwey
  4. Kiwog Gicam
  5. Tulam Menteer
  6. Daniss Tinego
  7. Para Fole
  8. Kamu Vole’
  9. Tafelog
  10. Nilafess