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En-Tranced (Re-mastered)

Released 6-26-2013, originally released 2006

This album was written and recorded around the time I began entering the world of virtual instruments.  Prior to that, everything had been recorded on a Korg sequencer and some live tracks.  I set out to create the first Mental Sauna album but, as I purchased a lot of sound libraries, it began to take another shape, which I would describe as electronic world music.

Artwork by: Kelly www.outsidetheboxphoto.org/

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  1. Caravan
  2. Epicenter
  3. Wide Eyed
  4. Cleansing Waves
  5. With Cautious Wonder
  6. Digging Deeper
  7. Landing
  8. Falling Seeds
  9. Decision Time
  10. Intersection
  11. The Looking Glass
  12. Sudden Temperature Change
  13. Village Life
  14. In Cosmic Flight