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Welcome to Scott Haskin the Official Site

Composer - Songwriter - Audio Engineer - Audio Editor / Director

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Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by!


Current Update:


Had a great time on Summer Helene's show Behind the Scenes  DKRN Radio

Very excited that some of the music from my Mental Sauna series will be featured by !

I am honored to have been the guest on the podcast of the Radio Adventure Club (also found on iTunes).  They are very cool guys and I had a great time speaking to them.  I am on the 60th episode of their show.  Check it out!

Video for Tranquility Tank is now available on my YouTube page! This is a new video I have done for a song on the first Mental Sauna album. I have plans for a couple more videos as I have time.

SCOREcast EP 46 - How to Be a Political Animal - A fantastic interview with Greg Curtis, owner of The Bridge Recording Studios and a deep and honest discussion about navagating the business with Deane and Brian.  This episode is sponsored by Sample Logic LLC's new Cinematic keys.  Check it out!



Previous Updates: 

*Honored to be mentioned in a blog by Rainy of the Dark regarding my Mental Sauna series. Thank you, Rainy!

* I was interviewed by Jamie Leigh of Entertainment Vine Magazine - check it out!

* 2nd Edition of my book, Becoming An Indie Film Composer is now available!

 * My friends at SoundOps Audio Mastering put an atricle about me in their first blog. Check it out: If you ever need your audio mastered (and who doesn't?), get in contact with this amazing team. They mastered the opening theme to film Faded Flowers for me. You can listen on my Demo page. Check out their UNLIMITED MASTERING program!




Sanity's Edge - Available at my music store and ITunes!

Mental Sauna II - Available at my music store and ITunes!

Kamu Vole' Remastered - Available at my music store and ITunes !



Becoming An Indie Film Composer - click the title to see what it is all about and purchase.

(now available as an E-book!!! Also available as an Audiobook on and ITunes!!!)


Audio Books:

Becoming An Indie Film Composer Read by Tamara McDaniel - ( and ITunes)






Not working on a new album at the moment but have new audio demos now and more on the way.  Between film and television projects, I will be working on new recordings of my older albums so I have pulled the back catalog until I can get the updates doneover the next year or so.  Also doing all new artwork.




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