Cyber Weekend 2015

Cyber Weekend Sale!!!

Starts Thursday at 9 PM PAC Time
Ends Monday at 9 PM PAC Time


‘Tis the season to give the biggest sale of the year and why not?  Saving money is important, especially when you have a list of people to buy for – including yourself!  To help with the stressful time during the busiest shopping weekend of the year, I thought I would have a sale on my relaxation products and a few other things I have done.

On top of that, I wanted to do something very special this year.  For the first 10 orders, I will donate $1 per item to my friend Rebecca’s effort to find a cure for Leukemia.  After that, I have put together a deal with the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth and will donate one dollar for every CD ordered from me, including the purchase of download codes.

Product pricing is listed below and shipping is a flat $2.50 in the US no matter how big the order.  For shipping outside the country, please contact me.  CD Quantities are limited so make sure you get your order in before they are gone (1st come, 1st serve by email time stamp)!
To order, email me at and I will create an invoice within 24 hours with  PayPal information.  I have family visiting but I will get to orders as quickly as possible and all orders made during the sale time will be honored providing quantities last. :)


Samples can be found on the player at the bottom of the page except Romance for Piano which can be found here: Romance for Piano


Relaxation Products:

Mental Sauna CD  $6.00

Mental Sauna II CD  $6.00

Mental Sauna III: Christmas Inflections CD  $8.00

Mental Sauna IV: Worlds (EP) Preorder Download Code (coming Spring 2016)  $5.00




Mental Sauna Relaxation iPhone/iPad App (Available in the Apple App Store and on iTunes) $1.99 (50%off!!!)


Other Albums:





Romance for Piano CD  $5.00






Kindred Spirits CD  $5.00






Sanity’s Edge (Download Code only)  $5.00


BAIFC 3rd Edition



Becoming an Indie Film Composer (only 3 copies available!) Soft cover book.  $7.00

PDF Version $5.00


If you would like to donate Additional funds to Rebecca’s Leukemia Cure effort or the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth, just let me know how much and I would be happy to forward that for you with the rest of the donation.


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