What Happened in Vegas

What Happened in Vegas is my newest book, coming out April 2016.

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Take a walk down the famous Las Vegas Strip, bobbing and weaving through casinos, restaurants and shopping centers.  See the sights and, more importantly, hear the sounds.  “What Happened in Vegas” takes you on a journey down this world-famous street so you can experience one of the true, yet often overlooked, treasures of this magical town: people watching.

You’ll get a peek at the random, curious statements and questions you may very well hear at any given moment   With 450 captured random moments, you are sure to find plenty to make you smile, laugh or just wonder what exactly is going on.


To bring the experience even more to life, over 75 pictures are included that are just as random as the phrases themselves, rounding off this truly unique Las Vegas experience.  The only things missing are the smells of alcohol and stale cigarettes…


You’ll read things like:

“It’s probably stupid but I hate the fact that other people can just walk around wherever they want.”


Guy: “I don’t know what you’re complaining about.

You’re the one always saying, ‘Hold my hand! Hold my hand!’”

Girl: “No, I told you don’t touch me.”


“I was like, ‘Oh, why are the clouds moving.’

But, actually, I’m moving.”

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See what people are saying:

“Absolutely perfect.”
-S. Clancy

“Don’t pass up this hilarious romp down the Vegas Strip. I know people use “LOL” all the time, but they rarely mean it literally. In this case I really was laughing out loud to myself while reading this book.”
-C Valin

“What Happened In Vegas” is an entertaining glimpse into the most bizarre and random conversations one could ever expect to overhear when walking through Vegas – or anywhere. Great photographs enhance the experience, making you feel like you’re part of it all. This book makes me want to go back to Vegas just to enjoy things I’ve never paid much attention to that would make me either laugh or ask myself, “What in the world prompted them to say something like that?”

-L. Haskin

“What great book to remind yourself that you’re not the only person who says off the way things! This book definitely hits the funny bone!”

-Amazon Customer