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Hello everyone. I am a music composer for film, video games and other projects as well as a song writer, audio engineer, voice artist and audio director. Please follow the links below for information on my albums, films and projects I have worked on and stop by the link to my friends to see what cool things they have going on.

If you would like to contact me about a project, or anything else, you can reach me at scott@ scotthaskin.com.

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Current update 4-6-2014:

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by!

* Video for Reves Du Paradis Doux is now available on my YouTube page!  This is the first video I have done for a song on the first Mental Sauna album.  I shot footage in Chandler, AZ, Las Vegas, NV and Newport Beach, CA.

* Working on an orchestral version of Dreamscape and hope to have that done soon, between other projects.

* Also working on the re-mastered version of Kamu Vole' and expect to have that out this summer.


Previous Updates:

* New episode of SCOREcast now available here at SCOREcastonline and on iTunes. EP 43 deals with the Oscars, the Hans Zimmer / Bleeding Fingers scoring contest and a conversation about how to manage your work and life as a composer, especially in relation to family. Lots of great info and the conversation goes much deeper than that!

*  Completed my entry for the Hans Zimmer/Bleeding Fingers scoring contest.  I was blessed to have guest vocalists Amanda Mabro and Mirjana perform beautifully for me.  They are so talented and I love the way they feel music.  I had such a great experience working on this challenge.  While I have been very vocal about my lack interest in contests and why (see my blog) this was just such a great opportunity to do something a little different and work with a wonderful piece of music.  Please take a listen and vote if you like.  Contest entry

* I have taken over producing and editing of the SCOREcast Podcast with hosts Deane Ogden and Brian Ralston.  Starting with Episode 41: James Sizemore / The Hobbit.  Click on the link and check it out.  Also available on iTunes.  I am honored to be working with these amazing guys, who also happen to be fantastic composers themselves and true friends.

* Attended NAMM and met some amazing people, both compsoers and vendors alike and, at one point, found myself about 3 feet from Stevie Wonder.  I wish I had known Steve Moorse (Deep Purple) and Keith Emmersom (Emmerson, Lake & Palmer) were there but I did get some wonderful demos from my new friends at MOTU.  Met up with composer and sound designer friends from all over the world including SoundIron and Embertone

*Honored to be mentioned in a blog by Rainy of the Dark regarding my Mental Sauna series.  Thank you, Rainy!

*Sanity's Edge is now available in my store and on CDBaby, iTunes and Amazon as well as a variety of other locations.  Physical CDs will follow sometime in mid to late November.  Voice overs by Jake Brown, Victoria Paege and Tamara McDaniel, who all did an absolutely fantastic job!  I am so fortunate to work with such amazing people.  Once the music hits CDBaby, it will appear in my store shortly afterward.

* I was interviewed by Jamie Leigh of Entertainment Vine Magazine - check it out!

* 2nd Edition of my book, Becoming An Indie Film Composer is now available!

* My friends at SoundOps Audio Mastering put an atricle about me in their first blog.  Check it out: http://mastering.soundops.com/  If you ever need your audio mastered (and who doesn't?), get in contact with this amazing team.  They mastered the opening theme to film Faded Flowers for me.  You can listen on my Demo page.  Check out their UNLIMITED MASTERING program!


Now available !!!


Sanity's Edge - Available at my music store and ITunes!

Mental Sauna II - Available at my music store and ITunes!



Becoming An Indie Film Composer - click the title to see what it is all about and purchase.

(now available as an E-book!!!  Also available as an Audiobook on Audible.com and ITunes!!!)


Audio Books:

Becoming An Indie Film Composer Read by Tamara McDaniel - (Audible.com and ITunes)

The Devil's Bait by Jeffrey J. Mariotte, Read by Tamara McDaniel. - (Audible and ITunes)

Spouse Hunting  by Lisa Scott.  Read by Tamara McDaniel - (Audible and iTunes)

The Wicked Passage by N. M. Singel.  Read by Michael Rahhal (Audible and iTunes)




Feature Film (Sorry guys, I signed a non-disclosure form!).  I will update when allowed.  Expected release is June 2014.


Kamu Vole' Remastered - 2014


Office Flirts! by Lisa Scott.  Read by Tamara McDaniel


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