Original music for a new age.
Mental Sauna

abstract ocean and sunsetMusic designed purely for the purpose of relaxation, meditation and to help you sleep.

To hear samples and purchase, please visit my store or visit iTunes.

Photo by Kelly @ Klixbykelly.com

Model: Monica Boros

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Rebel Creative

Rebel CreativeThe Rebel Creative Podcast



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Becoming an Indie Film Composer (3d Edition)

BAIFC 3rd ed LoRes

So you want to get into the amazing world of film composition! Getting started is one of the biggest challenges. This book offers many suggestions that could help you find your path to great success.

Where do you start? What kind of equipment might you need? How do you meet the people that will help you? What other skills might you need to have apart from the ability to write beautiful music?

Answers to these questions as well as many other topics are offered to you within these pages.


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