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By Tony Medeiros


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n/a n/a, 02/01/2021

Heep of fun

The podcast host is intelligent, knowledgeable, and comfortable on the mic. He’s diving deep and delivering a heep of great episodes at a tremendous pace. Plus, it is band approved, which is rare for these types of podcasts. Dive in!


Andrew Gribble, 01/29/2021

Only one thing I’d change.

I wish our host would play the song uninterrupted in its entirety before commencing to dissect and comment on it.

As it is, I’ve learned to just listen to the song elsewhere before checking out it’s respective episode.


Moodman79, 31/01/2021

I am a convert!

Before this podcast appeared, I would have struggled to name more than two Heep songs. Now after listening to Scott’s passion and excellent presentation (and of course Heep!) I can now call myself a fan of Uriah Heep. The depth in their music, the musicianship, superb! Thanks for introducing me to Heep and for producing such a fine podcast!


KW_77, 01/17/2021


I am so grateful to Scott for creating a podcast dedicated to Uriah Heep! I have been a fan of theirs since I was a kid in the 80’s listening to my dad’s copy of their Live 1973 album and Demon’s and Wizards. I could never figure out why they weren’t brought up in the conversation more often when taking about the greatest classic rock bands. I always said they were underrated and listening to their songs via Scott’s analysis only proves that to be 100% true. Scott breaks down the songs well and has brought something new to me on every song he has covered so far. I love it and look forward to his coverage of the entire catalog. Long live the Heep!


RealVinylAlex, 01/08/2021

HEEP fans unite!

Among my friends I was the only full on Uriah HEEP fan. This podcast is excellent as I get to hear someone as passionate for HEEPtunes as I am. The host is a musician and audio engineer which enables him for new insights into songs I know so well.

If you are a Uriah HEEP fan or are interested in finding out more about their music this is the podcast for you!  Uriah HEEP has been called the Beach Boys of heavy metal because of their amazing vocal harmonies and introspective songs.


BGBert, 01/06/2021

I’m not Alone

For decades I felt like I was the only person that fully appreciated Heep’s music. This incredible podcast has shown me how wrong I was. I’m not a musician and have absolutely no musical expertise but these “deep dives” have allowed me to listen to my favorite band from a whole new perspective. Thank you Scott!


TBPC, 01/06/2021

Endorsed by URIAH HEEP!

This is where to go to learn about Heep! I didn’t know enough about them going in, but I’m learning!

And it’s ENDORSED BY THE BAND ITSELF! You can’t possibly get any better than that! For the band to trust someone with their history speaks volumes.



chefelf, 01/05/2021

A Heep of Fun!

Going into this show I had nothing but a passing knowledge that Uriah Heep existed. Now I’m several albums in and angry that no one ever told me about Heep in my youth! Scott is an excellent host who takes great care in reviewing the songs and sharing his great knowledge of the band. Whether you’re a long time fan or just discovering Heep this podcast is a must listen!


Johnh76, 12/20/2020

For the deepest of dives, look no further!

I knew very little to nothing about Uriah Heep prior to this podcast, and thanks to this show, I’m learning at an extraordinary rate! We need to shed light on the amazing musicians, songwriting and playing that this band has contributed to the history of rock music since 1969. How this band and their catalogue are not better known and more revered is beyond me, but I feel that The Magician’s Podcast will help change that.

The bite sized length of each episode, along with Scott’s in depth and passionate analysis of each song make the show easy, interesting and enjoyable to listen to. Couple that with the fact that he has the official support of the band, which includes actual commentary about many of the songs from Mick Box himself!

5/5 highly recommend


Matteo Masiello, 12/17/2020

Fantastic Podcast Highly Recommended

I never listened to Uriah Heep before this podcast, though I knew who they are. The host is so passionate about them and their music. What I like most about it is the podcast has the band’s seal of approval and add some commentary on the songs with the host.