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New Age – Aside from the Mental Sauna series, I also write other music in the new age category.  I have many more songs I am in the process of recording for release.

Dreamscape – This is a collection of some of my earliest instrumental compositions, going back to 1995.  I have re-worked them just a bit since my writing skills are hopefully a touch better now.

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Behind the Song video series


En-Tranced – This album was written and recorded around the time I began entering the world of virtual instruments.  Prior to that, everything had been recorded on a Korg sequencer and some live tracks.  I set out to create the first Mental Sauna album but, as I purchased a lot of sound libraries, it began to take another shape, which I would describe as electronic world music.  Artwork by Kelly at

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En-Tranced II

The follow-Up to En-Tranced, with cover art by Kelly at and lettering by Rebecca at  The music is a unique combination of world percussion and synthesizers.

Now available on iTunes, AmazonBandCamp and Spotify with more platforms soon to follow.