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The Mental Sauna series – designed for relaxation, meditation, yoga, sleep, travel and even birthing.  I love the feedback I get from people who have used this music to help with insomnia, calm their overthinking minds, relieve stress, help with focus and even give birth with.  I am so touched by how this music has positively affected the lives of so many.  Keep it coming – let’s relax the world!

Mental Sauna

Released 6-27-2012

The one that stated it all.  I had dreamed of making this album for several years.  The first attempt ended up becoming the En-Tranced album.  Eventually, I was able to put things together and begin the Mental Sauna journey.

Artwork by: Kelly

Cover model is  Monica Boros.

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  1. Peaceful Meadow
  2. Tranquility Tank
  3. A Walk Through The Forest
  4. Dawn Comes
  5. Dream Spa
  6. Reves Du Paradis Doux
  7. Seeking Help (Full version – shortened version on Kindred Spirits)
  8. Restful Slumbers
  9. Mental Sauna
  10. Calming Visions
  11. Surreal Landscape
  12. Hidden Waterfall
  13. Island Breeze
  14. Cool moon
  15. Floating On A Cloud
  16. Liquidity
  17. The Sacred Place
  18. Voices On The Wind