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Mental Sauna Relaxation is my new app for iPhone and iPad.  Look for it in the Apple App Store now!

Like the entire Mental Sauna line, it is designed for relaxing and falling asleep, helping hyper active children find calmness, meditation, help with insomnia, create a soothing environment and even can be used as a background for creating non-musical projects, such as novels or screenplays, or project planning.  Want a nice, relaxing bath?  Play the app!


App Features:

Over an hour and a half of brand new Mental Sauna music.  That’s more than a full album!

Timer that can be set to shop playing the music to help save your device battery.

Music is contained in the app so no worries about finding Wi-fi or draining your data plan.

Especially handy for travel.

Easy scrolling screen for song selection.

Want to add the gentle sound of rain or a stream  Just press the selector button and add as much volume as you like for the perfect mix.

Selector Feature 2

For a walk through of the features: Video


Here is a small montage of the music.  Let the world slip away, one note at a time…

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What people are saying:

“I love the Mental Sauna app!  It’s such a great way to unwind and relax.  I have it for both the iPhone and iPad and I love listening to the music instead of watching tv in the evening.  The water sounds of rain and stream are a fantastic addition to the music!  It’s amazing how the stress just rolls off my shoulders when I’m listening to the sound of rain in the background while the music is playing!”

– Mofree36

“Mental Sauna is exactly what I need to relax from a long day of working.  I love that I can add the sound of rain or a stream to the existing music, for me this is the cherry on top.  I am also a fan of his other music.  It’s nice to be able to enjoy this on my iPhone as an application.  I look forward to seeing more applications from Scott.”

– Kelly Kitcat

“The adjustable water sounds and timer are great compliments to the relaxing music.  Not having to use wifi makes i great for being on the go.”

– Mobile LMT

“This app is what I have been searching for!  I love to get lost in the music.  Nice feature with the volume control for the rain and stream.  Highly recommended!  Great meditation and sleep aid.”

– Yiayia sandy

“Great app for studying (and I’m sure relaxation).  Nice ambient music and I love the ability to add rain or stream sounds inthe background.  Relaxation for the mind.”
– Caffeinated T

“Perfect to use in so many situations.  I wish I had this a year ago!!”

– lisabki

“It is very hard for me to ‘shut my brain down’ at the end of the day…  I find myself laying in bed running through my to-do list in my head.  Mental Sauna Relaxation App is a perfect way for me to unwind after a long day and get the rest I need to start a new day!”

– rhw4179

“Great App to unwind and enjoy!  Easily accessible and nicely arranged background, sounds and buttons. Lots of great features!”

– MagicPhotoLa

“Great app!  I found it easy to use and very relaxing.”

– Donna G.

“This is a great app to help you calm your mind.  I suffer from anxiety and have problems falling asleep at night.  This app helps me fall asleep quickly. The timer is a great feature.”

– KRC11888